St. Louis Mosaic Project Womens Connector

St. Louis Mosaic Project, the international Spouses Meetup and the International Mentoring Program, have teamed up to present the Women’s Connector Program. This is an opportunity for international women to connect with each other as well as an opportunity to connect with local women and get involved in community activities. With a tradition of education, service and friendship, the Mosaic Project provides programs and activities for members throughout the year.


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This group is for foreign-born women who have moved to the St. Louis area with a spouse or partner and for relocated expat women.  We come from various backgrounds and speak various languages. We are now about 800 women coming from 90 countries. A significant majority of us have our degrees and have had our jobs and successful careers in our country of origin. We are interested in getting to know people from different cultures and we like to help newcomers settle in and break down the cultural barriers. This group provides a forum for members to connect with and lend support to one another, as well as continue to develop professional skills through presentations and volunteer work, practice English in a safe space, and explore our new community together. This is a diverse community of dynamic women focused on welcoming, integrating, supporting, educating and empowering our international network of like-minded women.

"The mission of The St Louis International  Mentoring Program is to connect international women with local women in order to help them integrate into the St. Louis community. Each international woman will have the opportunity to learn about places to visit and enjoy in St. Louis while they get more familiar with American culture as they make new friends. This Program will also give the St. Louis mentors and their families the chance to learn about other cultures from the international women.

Our vision is to be a local resource to engage locals and internationals, who will have the opportunity to learn about places to visit and explore in St. Louis while acclimating to American culture and traditions.

Watch Video: St. Louis International Mentoring Program | Overview



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