Mosaic Project Professional Connectors

St. Louis Mosaic Project's Professional Connector Program introduces skilled immigrants and newcomers to St. Louis (the "connectees") to well-known "connectors" for a cup of coffee and career networking referrals. The initiative, which is based on an award-winning program in Halifax, works with local universities, companies, organizations and agencies to  help them launch their careers. 

We understand that the idea of connecting with a stranger may seem daunting for foreign-born who are looking for career advice/networking. You may want information about U.S. workplace culture, management protocol and even the format of your C.V. or resume before speaking to a knowledgeable Executive in your field. That’s why the staff of The St. Louis Mosaic Project is pleased to offer a warm and friendly 30-minute, conversation anytime in your networking journey- to clarify any questions or uncertainties, lend encouragement and general support as you embark on a new path. Together, Betsy Cohen, Suzanne Sierra and Bomi Park have decades of experience in different facets of business, marketing and executive and senior management that can help you prepare for a strategic and effective Professional Connection or other networking opportunities. ​

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For a few Professional Connector Participants annually where we believe additional exposure to their work field would assist in finding a job, after you apply under Get Connected  we may offer this Professional Shadowing Program. 

Professional Shadowing Program Information

Contact Betsy Cohen for questions.