Ambassador Companies

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis action items

As a Mosaic Ambassador Organization, the St. Louis Fed commits to valuing and maintaining an internationally welcoming work environment. This new relationship will allow the Bank to expand its talent pool by tapping into the region’s foreign-born community for tailored recruitment opportunities. The St. Louis Fed will also continue to support the growing international community in St. Louis by highlighting stories of the Bank’s immigrant and international employees in internal communication channels as well as on the Mosaic website.

Below are Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis action items:

  • Post selects jobs on websites of St. Louis Mosaic Project or its partners
  • Become a member of Hispanic Chamber of Louis and/or Asian-American Chamber of St. Louis
  • Host a learning opportunity “Bagels and Conversation” for international students to meet your foreign-born associates
  • Have employee resource groups for diverse associate groups
  • Have an internal welcome team for international new hires
  • Highlight story internally or externally about a company leader who is foreign born or who has worked abroad
  • Host an event for international employees to learn about Mosaic programs such as (Professional Connector Program, International Spouse and Mentoring Programs)