Ambassador Companies

    Monsanto, a global agriculture solutions company, is known for encouraging and maintaining an inclusive and diverse work environment. Monsanto is currently promoting an internationally welcoming work environment in the following ways:

    - Hosted Ambassador meetings with more than 100 Mosaic Ambassadors and international Monsanto executives

    - Draws upon the talents of employees from more than 35 countries around the global

    - Routinely hires professionals from outside of the U.S. 


    As a Gold level member, Monsanto will complete at least three of the following action items in addition to sponsoring at least one employee toward an H1-B visa or similar visa sponsorship:

    - Hire international students and experienced global talent 

    - Share Mosaic flyers to spread awareness of the Mosaic Project

    - Encourage associates to become Mosaic Ambassadors

    - Share Mosaic material with newly arriving international employees 

    - Enroll spouses as volunteers at the Naheed Chapman New American Academy for refugee students


    See press release here

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