Ambassador Companies

Curium is a world-class nuclear medicine solutions provider with over 100 years of history in the industry. Curium serves over 14 million patients worldwide each year, and they strive to provide best-in-class products and exceptional, reliable services.

Curium is committed to further explore ways to support the international community. Below are Curium’s action items and goals for future international-focused growth in partnership with St. Louis Mosaic Project and the St. Louis region:

  • Hire international students and experienced global talents via St. Louis Mosaic’s Internship program and connections, and mentor STEM international students
  • Share Mosaic flyers to promote the mission of the Mosaic Project
  • Encourage associates to become Mosaic Ambassadors and participate in Mosaic Professional Connectors Program
  • Share Mosaic’s resources with newly arriving international employees and their spouses
  • Open doors in the community with schools and the St. Louis Cricket Association
  • Partner with local organizations especially with the ones affiliated with France not only to promote diversity and inclusion, but also to utilize these collaboration efforts for improving economic prosperity of the St. Louis region.

“Sumit Verma, Chief Operating Officer NA for Curium Pharmaceuticals stated that we are very excited to partner with the St. Louis Mosaic project.  As a newly formed global company and with a presence of about 375 employees in the St. Louis region, we are excited to be an Ambassador company which enables us to participate in many events to support the international communities and economic development of our region.”