Ambassador Companies

As a company, CEdge has a diverse workforce of over 40 employees with possibility of doubling in size this year, some of the employees are foreign born or the children of foreign born and would like to hire several international workers in St. Louis for their growing commercial opportunities. Additionally, their Chief Executive Officer, Sekhar Prabhakar, has agreed to serve as a connector in the St. Louis Mosaic Project’s Professional Connector Program. Prabhakar will offer advice to technical job seekers and help participants build a professional network in St. Louis. As an immigrant entrepreneur, Prabhakar knows what it takes to build a successful company. He will build upon his experience mentoring ITEN companies by meeting with local immigrant entrepreneurs to help companies start and grow in the St. Louis region. The company will also look to sponsor events that are focused towards STEM-related programs, career opportunities and hackathons in St. Louis. As a Silver Mosaic Ambassador Company, CEdge will share Mosaic informational materials and promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace.


Companies joining as a Silver Level Mosaic Company place value in maintaining an internationally welcoming work environment and agree to spread awareness of the St. Louis Mosaic Project, encourage associates to become Mosaic Ambassadors and participate in volunteer opportunities that support international communities. Both organizations look forward to collaboratively furthering opportunities for international residents and promoting St. Louis as a destination for top talent around the globe. Learn more about CEdge at