Ambassador Companies


As a Gold Company, KWS continues to contribute to the Mosaic Project goals to grow the region’s economy through participating in global trade missions to places such as Argentina and Israel and plans to expand scientific exchanges and relationships. With a large percentage of their St. Louis associates being foreign born and approximately half of their foreign born employees in key leadership positions, KWS plans to publicly promote the benefits of diversity and multiculturalism on forums and formal panels. KWS has also supported the St. Louis Mosaic Project’s efforts towards the Missouri Seal of Biliteracy, which is awarded to graduating high school students in districts with an approved program, who have demonstrated achievement in English, and a language other than English. All Missouri students with a competence in reading and writing in any of the world’s languages are potential Seal candidates.

Also as a Gold level member, KWS GWC will complete at least three of the following action items in addition to sponsoring at least one employee toward an H1-B visa or similar visa sponsorship:

- Hire international students and experienced global talent 

- Share Mosaic flyers to spread awareness of the Mosaic Project

- Encourage associates to become Mosaic Ambassadors

- Share Mosaic material with newly arriving international employees