Ambassador Companies

Saint Louis Football Club officially became the professional soccer team of the St. Louis area in 2014 under the ownership of St. Louis Scott Gallagher Soccer Club. Twenty-eight players are on the team, led by head coach Predrag (Preki) Radosavljevic. The team is managed by CEO Jim Kavanaugh. Home games are played at World Wide Technology Soccer Park in Fenton, MO. 

As an Ambassador Company at the Silver level, Saint Louis Football Club will do the following actions:

  • Hold six games per season as fundraisers for organizations that help immigrants including International Institute and Casa de Salud.
  • Hire international students as interns for college credit requirements.
  • Host Kick It with FC (a program focusing on student fitness, health, and wellness) to students from schools with large Hispanic-populations.
  • Offer Pub to Park shuttle program to locally owned Mexican restaurants beginning with a pilot on July 22, 2017 at LaTejana restaurant. Then, expand to restaurants along Cherokee street and in other areas with Hispanic-owned restaurants as well as to International Institute clients.
  • Broadcast games in Spanish.
  • Introduce spouses of St. Louis FC International players to Mosaic’s International Spouses Meet Up Group.  
  • Offer Community Builder group tickets to organizations serving Hispanic community and fellow Mosaic Ambassador Companies.