Ambassador Companies

    Midwest BankCentre is a locally-owned bank serving St. Louis since 1906. Midwest BankCentre is known for its partnerships with diverse organizations and is dedicated to serving its customers while also having a positive impact on the St. Louis community. The following are some examples of how Midwest BankCentre connects with the foreign-born communities in St. Louis:

    • Midwest BankCentre is a member of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.
    • Partner with the Garcia family, owners of Ke Buena radio and El Hispano newspaper.
    • Publish articles in the HCC magazine “El Contacto.”
    • Partner with St. Cecilia Church.
    • Share space with the Mexican Consulate when they visit St. Louis. MBC is there to engage, promote our services to the Hispanic/Latino community.
    • Midwest BankCentre has a diverse Board, including Hispanic, Bosnian and African American representation.
    • Host the Bosnian Memory Project exhibit at our Bevo Branch and fund Dr. Ben Moore’s research.
    • Sponsor the International Institute and their Capital Campaign.
    • Partner with MIRA, Beyond Housing, International Institute, St. Francis Community Services, EHOC, and Kingdom House.
    • Recently partnered with Jose and Victor Ponce, owners of Remax/Gold.
    • Offer Financial Empowerment classes in Spanish.
    • Sponsor diverse businesses such as Señor Pique Mexican Restaurant.
    • Sponsor the Festival of Nations.
    • Have a list of diverse vendors that we contract for our events.