Ambassador Schools

    Villa di Maria Montessori School

    Villa di Maria Montessori School

    St. Louis Mosaic Ambassador School

    Action Items:

    1. Hold an annual "International Food Sampling Event" organized by the elementary students to represent different cultures and countries from around the world
    2. Foster international partnerships with schools in other countries, "Sisters' School
      Program", to explore cross-cultural interactions, global classroom projects and other
      learning opportunities. Promote such global relationships within the student group by
      having Skype conference calls and exchange of cross-country correspondences
    3. Join the UNESCO Associate School Project (ASPnet)
    4. Recruit St. Louis Ambassadors and promote the St. Louis Mosaic Project in the
      school community, by adding related information in the school e-newsletter and website
    5. Cultivate community partnerships with local international organizations in the
      region. Examples of such initiatives include:
      - Hosting Portuguese Language Classes organized by Viva Brasil (a nonprofit 501c3 organization) in the school campus
      - Announcing international and cross-cultural events happening in the St. Louis region to the school community
    6. Offer a special "School Welcoming Package" to foreign-born families with the
      objective to help in their transition to the community
    7. Create a "Buddy Family" program that will consist of assigning a volunteer parent
      to a new foreign-born family that join the school to offer assistance and act as a contact

    Additional information: