Ambassador Schools

    Thomas Jefferson School Joins the Mosaic Ambassador School Program as the 122nd Ambassador School


    TJ has shown commitment to celebrating and uplifting international communities by:

    1. Hosting international dinners
    2. Organizing lectures
    3. Giving students ownership of planning and educating the community about the Moon Festival and Lunar New Year celebrations.
    4. In addition, students and faculty participate in service days at local agencies that support immigrants and celebrate their value to the St. Louis community.

    Now that TJ is a Mosaic Project Ambassador, it has pledged to:

      1. Expand its commitment to international inclusivity, such as designing welcoming murals and an array of flags,
      2. Increasing opportunities for students to learn about and celebrate other cultures and countries
      3. To keep striving to increase website accessibility by including multilingual options. 

    Read full press release here.