Ambassador Schools

    Chaminade College Preparatory School

    Chaminade College Preparatory School

    St. Louis Mosaic Ambassador School

    Action items:

    1. has created a Global Academy Director’s position to provide leadership and coordination to all of our international programs.
    2. has a resident program made up of students from over 15 different countries.
    3. continues to celebrate our annual International Week during the month of March.
    4. has collaborated with St. Louis University on many global projects including the establishment of the Access Program which provides guaranteed acceptance to the university for our international students.
    5. annually competes in the World Affairs Council’s World Quest competition.
    6. has implemented a Global Citizens Club to promote cultural diversity and awareness within the student body
    7. continues to financially support and work locally, domestically and internationally with communities in need
    8. has developed a full ESL curriculum that addresses not only language needs but vocabulary and foundational knowledge deficits our international students have in Theology, Composition and Social Studies. 

    Chaminade will:

    1. Initiate service work with our local immigrant communities.
    2. Co-market the Mosaic's initiative at all international recruiting presentations.
    3. Include Mosaics marketing materials in the Global Academy section of our website. 

    Additional information: