St. Louis Muslims open a center giving away household items to refugees and others struggling

Helping others is a tenet in most religions. So is doing so without boasting. Otherwise is comes across as vanity, something no faith holds in high regard.

Adil Imdad and Dzemal Bijedic, Muslim police chaplains for St. Louis County and St. Louis respectively, planned to keep their new efforts low-profile, abiding by the teachings of Islam. 

But this fall, as they began searching for a warehouse to open an expensive thrift shop for an expected influx of Syrians to the region, opposition escalated to President Barack Obama's plan to open the U.S. to 10,000 refugees from the Middle Eastern country over the next year. Resistance grew significantly after the terrorist attacks in Paris on Nov. 13. Investigators said one of the attackers might have come into Europe with thousands of other Syrian refugees. 


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