St. Louis Mosaic Project as one model in national report

This Americas Society/Council of the Americas and Welcoming America report, authored by the USC Center for the Study of Immigration Integration, explores the quiet revolution taking place in U.S. cities and metropolitan areas, where municipalities are actively devising and implementing strategies to better welcome and integrate new Americans.

The report, Opening Minds, Opening Doors, Opening Communities: Cities Leading for Immigrant Integration, identifies 63 city-level institutions in places as diverse as Nashville, Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, and Salt Lake City where local authorities are promoting immigrant integration, which the authors define as “as improved economic mobility for, enhanced civic participation by, and receiving society openness to immigrants.” Months of conversations with the directors of local offices promoting reception and support for immigrant populations paint a picture of a country where authorities and stakeholders in the community are devoting time and effort to strengthen social cohesion by welcoming rather than rejecting the newcomers.


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