STL Great Rivers Greenways features immigrants who love the Greenways

Bomi Park is the Assistant Project Manager for the World Trade Center St. Louis & St. Louis Mosaic Project. She is an unofficial “greenway ambassador” and enjoys introducing them to people who have come from around the world to live in St. Louis."Walking on the greenways reminds me where of where I come from. I think many other foreign-born people would agree that the Greenways are special to us for similar reasons. People walk and ride bikes more and drive less in South Korea, and the places for walking and biking are separated from cars. I live close to Grant’s Trail and like seeing all people and getting a different view of things. I also like how it can take you to so many places—the library, the Clydesdales at Grant’s farm, stores & historic sites. I love being out on the greenways!" Home Greenway: Gravois Greenway: Grant’s Trail