Mosaic Project Exec. Director among the 100+ people shaping St. Louis

 Mosaic Executive Director, Betsy Cohen amongst the people in the "A World of Difference" in St. Louis Magazine's top St. Louis 100+ People Shaping St. Louis!

"A World of Difference
Not long after Arrey Obenson became president and CEO of the International Institute, in 2021, the institute began welcoming Afghan refugees. Likewise, Jessica Bueler at Welcome Neighbor STL is offering support, such as English lessons, citizenship classes, and family matching. Since the 1980s, Mark and Joani Akers of Oasis International have partnered with places of worship to help welcome thousands of refugees from more than 50 countries. And the St. Louis Mosaic Project’s goal under Betsy Cohen is for St. Louis to evolve into the fastest-growing metropolitan area for immigration by 2025." Read more here.