STLVentureWorks Receives InBIA Global Soft Landings Designation

St. Louis Mosaic Project is part of the St. Louis Economic Development Partnership that announces this launch today. 

Program to attract and welcome foreign startups

STLVentureWorks is pleased to announce they have been awarded the Soft Landings designation from InBIA to support international start ups moving to St. Louis.  InBIA is an international non-profit organization and global advocate for the support of building entrepreneurial-driven economic ecosystems. STLVentureWorks is the first incubator in St. Louis and the first incubator system in Missouri to be awarded with this designation. Only eighteen incubators have achieved this status nationally.  As a part of the St. Louis Economic Development Partnership, STLVentureWorks collaborates within the organization and with many St. Louis partner organizations to help global soft landings thrive in St. Louis.  Sheila Sweeney, CEO of the Partnership, stated “We are extremely happy and honored to be recognized as an incubator system that welcomes startups from all over the world.  It will enable us to attract start ups and focus on innovative ways to grow our economy.”

Talking with our collaborating partners, there has been an immensely positive feedback on this triumph.  Anna Crosslin, the President/CEO of the International Institute of St. Louis, mentioned, “We are pleased to hear that the SLEDP has been awarded with this designation. The International Institute of St. Louis looks forward to working with them and assisting the Soft Landings with our expertise.” Anthony Bartlett, Founder of St. Louis Transplants, added “St. Louis Transplants gladly welcomes all new Soft Landings to this city and we hope to assist them with finding community and friendship in St. Louis. Congratulations to the St. Louis Economic Development Partnership got achieving this designation”. “InBIA’s Soft Landings program was created to help entrepreneurial support organizations gain international awareness for the highly specialized services they offer,” states Kirstie Chadwick, President and CEO of InBIA. “The St. Louis Development Partnership has earned this distinction for its demonstrated success helping foreign companies succeed in their domestic market. We are excited to announce their incubator system as our newest Soft Landings designee.”

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