This App Makes Life Easier For STL Transplants

Being the new kid on the block is never easy. You have to find a place to live, places to shop, new bars to frequent, and that’s all hard to do when you don’t know anyone in your new location.

Fortunately for those migrating to the Gateway City, we have St. Louis Transplants to create a smoother transition through community and culture programming. Now, their guidance is a few swipes away with their app, City to City — St. Louis.

Released last week, City to City – St. Louis is a local guidance tool that quickly translates area neighborhoods into the context of more than a dozen other metropolitan cities. The app also includes maps for easy exploration with prompts for user feedback.

“At STL Transplants, we noticed that the overwhelming majority of new arrivals were experiencing life in very homogenous, distant suburbs. It was not only isolating for them socially, but detrimental in terms of employer retention,”says founder of St. Louis Transplants, Anthony Bartlett. “Nowadays, your lifestyle in the city is equally important to your job.”

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