Alive and Well STL: Handling Major Life Changes

ST LOUIS- Radhika Narain has a Master's degree in Business Administration and 15 years experience in high-finance and accounting all over the world.

"I've lived in Switzerland, I've lived in India," she said.

And it's actually the second time Narain moved to St. Louis for her husband's job.

But for the very first time--while looking for a new job, she hit a snag.

"That's when the road block came," Narain said.

Finding a match for Narain's world-class business skills in the local economy is harder than you'd think.

And anyone who's struggled to find a job can relate to what she went through next:

"There were days when I would get up at night and say 'what's happening to me?' I was losing sleep over things like, I'm not finding the right kind of job," she remembers.

"People call me and they're in tears," said Betsy Cohen, the Executive Director of the Mosaic Project at the St. Louis World Trade Center


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