Diverse Business Leaders 2020: Angela Zeng, Fulfill Food & Beverages

When Angela Zeng came to St. Louis from China in 1996 to get her doctorate in pathology at Saint Louis University, she brought a diverse cultural and scientific background to the region’s plant-science industry. Zeng, 47, used her belief in the medicinal properties of far Eastern remedies to co-found Fulfill Food & Beverages in St. Louis, and launch the plant-based Karuna Beverages line.

What makes you a diverse business leader? My cultural background, education and family background influence my current business model and brand. I have taken my beliefs in Chinese traditional medicine from my life growing up in China, and have brought it to America to cultivate a brand based in science and natural, organic wellness. As a pioneer in the industry, I am one of the first companies to use whole plant ingredients. This has all contributed to my success and I look forward to growing my brand while staying true to my roots.


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