Brothers Nick and Irfan Sinanovic innovating trucking industry, a Mosaic Ambassador Company success story

Road Trip

Brothers Nick and Irfan Sinanovic are innovating the trucking industry through their rapidly growing, St. Louis-based company Vega Transport.

An oversized wall covering of a semi truck greets visitors at Vega Transport. Tucked away in a small strip mall on Lemay Ferry Road in South County, the business office is otherwise fairly nondescript — white walls, plenty of desks, folders stacked high with invoices and notes. But a sort of magic happens here, with a dozen or so dispatchers and customer service employees coordinating a complicated dance among truck drivers and clients.

About 14 miles away, a few of those truckers pull into Vega’s North Riverfront terminal after completing their deliveries. Some are coming off of a one-stop two day trip, while others are home after a series of routes across several states. They honk as they pull their rigs through the sliding chainlink gate, wave to the mechanics in the garage and park among the dozens of other trucks with drivers who are happy to be back home in St. Louis.

Nick Sinanovic is a familiar face in both locations. Though he typically spends time in the office, he’s hanging out with the shop mechanics today, unleashing praise about all of the people — comprised primarily of those who had immigrated to St. Louis — who have helped his company become successful.

“They’re super hard working people,” he says. “The Bosnian community here, a lot of the people have gone into the industry. Not just Bosnian, but a lot of immigrant communities in general.”


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