Building Soccer Fields For St. Louis City Youth

2016-08-22- Kuckovic-Tao-Ko-NahedChapman-soccer-field-Amela Kuckovic of St. Louis Mosaic, Peter Tao of Gateway Welcome Project and Vin Ko, World Trade Center St. Louis at Nahed Chapman New American Academy viewing the nearly completed soccer pitch by Gateway on August 22, 2016 via STLmosaic

Vin Ko, a co-founder of the very popular St. Louis Pick Up Soccer group works for the World Trade Center STL and is active with St. Louis Mosaic. He recently teased about Building Soccer Fields for St. Louis City youth:

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Nahed Chapman New American Academy is home to nearly 400 students, many of them refugees, from more than 30 countries. Here, the students begin the process of becoming Americans and find common ground in the sport of soccer.

Gehadaldain Turki’s young eyes have seen adult carnage from conflict. Originally from Fallujah, Iraq, Turki left in the wake of ISIS storming the city. Turki loves his life in the US and loves to play soccer.

The new soccer field at Nahed Chapman New American Academy was made possible by more than $200,000 worth of cash donations and services which was the result of the Gateway Welcome Project. More than two-dozen partners including Construction Forum St. Louis and the St. Louis Mosaic Project helped bring the field to low.

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