Hazelwood School District becomes 77th Member of St. Louis Mosaic Project Ambassador School program

September 17, 2021

For Immediate Release

Contact: Suzanne Sierra

Senior Program Manager

St. Louis Mosaic Project



Contact: Jessica Marty

Coordinator of English Learner

Immigrant, and Migrant Education Services 

Hazelwood School District


         Hazelwood School District becomes 77th Member of St. Louis Mosaic Project Ambassador Schools

St. Louis, MO (September 11, 2021) - The St. Louis Mosaic Project is proud to announce Hazelwood School District as their 77th member of the Mosaic Ambassador Schools and second school district [please double-check I think it’s just Ritenour and Hazlewood].

Hazelwood School District is the second largest district in St. Louis County, serving more than 17,500 students in the district’s 20 elementary schools, six middle schools, three high schools, early education programs, and other alternative learning programs. Of those students, more than 700 are multilingual, from 59 countries, speaking 43 languages other than English. The Department of English Learner, Immigrant, and Migrant Education Services serves multilingual students, pre-k through 12, in two high schools, three middle schools, 14 elementary schools, and three early childhood centers. The district has been named one of the most diverse administrations in St. Louis County. The staff is culturally competent and works to create a supportive learning environment for children from all backgrounds. Hazelwood School District’s mission statement, “In a culture of high expectations and excellence, our students will become lifelong learners equipped with 21st Century skills for success as global citizens,” is a reflection to their dedication to celebrate diversity and promote global education.

Hazelwood School District is dedicated to catering to the needs to its foreign-born students and families. The district offers multiple family engagement opportunities, including a district Festival of Nations and a bilingual Family Literacy Night. The school district has a bilingual lending library to encourage bilingualism and biliteracy. Hazelwood School District has earned a Pathways to Biliteracy Award and the Seal of Biliteracy. It also offers adult ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Language) classes in the evenings with the families of English-learning students. Hazelwood School District makes every effort to communicate with multilingual families in their preferred language through the use of translated communication blasts, Talking Points, and on-demand video and telephonic interpretation services. The district’s communication department has even worked to create welcoming signage in all of the languages represented in the entire district.

Hazelwood School District celebrates diversity and seeks to be globally welcoming, especially to its foreign-born students. Murals and national flags are displayed throughout the district as a signal of welcoming students from diverse cultures. Hazelwood’s district curriculum was designed with a focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion at every grade level. In every subject area, curriculum coordinators work directly with the Department of English Learner, Immigrant, and Migrant Education Services to be culturally proficient for all students within the district. Hazelwood School District goes even a step further to meet the needs of its English learners by working with Bilingual International Assistant Services (BIAS) to support the mental health needs of its multilingual students.

The St. Louis Mosaic Project is excited to partner with Hazelwood School District as it continues to invest in making St. Louis more globally welcoming. Hazelwood School District has committed to establishing connections with international organizations, creating newcomer centers at the middle school and high school levels, hosting an international breakfast event, collaborating with regional fairs with international themes, and increasing foreign-born parent involvement. The St. Louis Mosaic Project is excited to provide Hazelwood School District with resources and information so that they can continue to embrace diversity within their school and in the broader international community of St. Louis.

About the St. Louis Mosaic Project:

The St. Louis Mosaic Project began in 2013 under the St. Louis Economic Development Partnership and the World Trade Center-St. Louis. Its goals are to make St. Louis the fastest growing US major metropolitan area for immigration by 2025 and to increase the foreign-born regional population by 25,000. Mosaic is a public/private partnership supported by a 32-member steering committee comprised of a diverse mix of regional business, civic, economic development, faith, agency and academic leaders. For more information, visit www.stlmosaicproject.com.


For more information about Hazelwood School District please visit https://www.hazelwoodschools.org.


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