New Immigration Study Findings Released Tuesday Morning, Sept. 18

St. Louis Ranks High in New National Immigration Study, Findings Released Tomorrow Morning, Sept. 18, at International Institute

St. LOUIS (Sept. 17, 2018)-The International Institute of St. Louis, the St. Louis region's Welcoming Center for New Americans, will host a Bagels & Coffee breakfast program tomorrow morning, Sept. 18, where the findings of a first-ever national Cities Index will be presented. The program will be held beginning at 8 a.m. at the International Institute, 3401 Arsenal St., and is a special event of National Welcoming Week.

This Cities Index measures cities' progress on immigrant integration. The study examined the top 100 U.S. cities and evaluated how each of them are doing in two categories: local policy (assessing government leadership, economic empowerment, equitable access, community engagement, and a supportive legal environment); and socioeconomic indicators (measuring how well immigrants are doing compared with U.S.-born persons).

The rationale of the Cities Index and additional St. Louis rankings in the study will be presented at the Bagels & Coffee breakfast.

Program speakers will also share what the St. Louis region does to welcome people from around the world.