St. Louis Sister Cities are mentioned in St. Louis Magazine

St. Louis is part of a sorority, if you will. We have 15 sisters across the globe, in such places as Indonesia, Poland, and Japan. President Dwight D. Eisenhower inspired the idea of sister cities in the ’50s, suggesting that they could help reduce the likelihood of conflicts between countries.

“More than 900 U.S. cities are now linked with cities in 92 different countries,” says Tim Nowak, executive director of the World Trade Center St. Louis, which oversees the Sister Cities program. “It’s a wonderful way to increase awareness of other cultures.” Here’s what you might expect to find if you were to pay a sisterly visit.


St. Louis’ original settlers came from France, Germany, and Ireland. Today, the tables have turned, with St. Louisans returning to find their roots.


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