Thomson Reuters Becomes the Next Gold Mosaic Company

St. Louis - The St. Louis Mosaic Project is excited to announce Thomson Reuters as the second Gold Mosaic Company in a joint effort to foster a welcoming environment for those new to the St. Louis region. Thomson Reuters has had a notable history of diverse operations that include financial and legal functions, journalism, scientific research, and intellectual property management.  Its trade is information, and its company ideology is to maintain integrity in its gathering and dissemination of knowledge.  The St. Louis Mosaic Project, whose primary objective is to increase economic growth through services to foreign born, recognizes the potential of Thomson Reuters to bolster the multicultural nature of St. Louis.

Thomson Reuters has already initiated several actions for international workers to St. Louis. Many of these efforts include promoting workplace diversity; Thomson Reuters has welcomed over twenty international transfers in the last eighteen months alone, and its St. Louis campus has over twenty nationalities. The company also sponsors visas on behalf of foreign-born talent, having brought over four individuals from Argentina to work on its Application Support team.

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