Six Reasons Why Immigrants Should Head To St. Louis

St. Louis, Missouri wants to become “the fastest growing metropolitan area for immigrants by 2020.” How did this iconic American city come to choose immigration as the means of revitalizing its economy?

Two short years ago, the city fathers of St. Louis realized their town was in trouble: it was losing population both to out-migration and retirement, and like a lot of heartland cities who were built on manufacturing, its economic base was crumbling.  And no one knew what to do about it. Then the Kemper Foundation Commerce Bank funded a study by economist Jack Strauss, then of St. Louis University, to find solutions. In the executive summary of his report, Strauss concluded, “there is one clear and specific way to simultaneously redress the region’s population stagnation, output slump, tepid employment growth, housing weakness and deficit in entrepreneurship: immigration.

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