Nancy Brickhouse, SLU Provost and Mosaic Steering Committee member, recognized St. Louis Business Journal Most Influential and references Mosaic role

Brickhouse took the SLU post in July 2015. In that role, Brickhouse oversees all the academic programs, including 10 colleges, as well as research, enrollment, libraries and museums at the university. During her time there, Brickhouse has been instrumental in developing new academic programs, expanding existing programs and making cuts where necessary.

Programs in computer science, software engineering, cybersecurity and strategic intelligence, among others, were created under her leadership. These efforts will contribute to $5.6 million of projected new revenue for fiscal 2019 and beyond, she said. She also discontinued 26 programs, including a technology program that had only one student. The university’s most recent annual budget is $850 million and its endowment is $1.15 billion.

Brickhouse also helped expand the INTO SLU program, which helps internationalize the St. Louis campus. The program has prompted a 46 percent annual increase in new international students and will generate $3.5 million in new revenue beginning in fiscal 2020, Brickhouse said.

In addition, she helped lead the $28 million renovation of Macelwane Hall, the university’s main biology building, and the design of the new $50 million interdisciplinary science and engineering building. The biology building will open in December, while the university plans to break ground on the interdisciplinary building this fall, Brickhouse said.

“One of the things that comes to mind about Nancy is that she is amazing at supporting and empowering the people that work for her,” Ken Olliff, vice president for research at SLU, said. “She makes it so that I have the support, resources, brainstorming and strategizing to enable me to be successful in my role. I think she does that with all of the people that report to her.”

Brickhouse will step down as SLU’s provost effective Aug. 15, after which she plans to take an academic sabbatical.

Outside the provost role, Brickhouse serves on the board of directors and on a strategic planning committee for the Grand Center Arts District. She also is on a steering committee for the St. Louis Mosaic Project.

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