Stl Mosaic Project Hosts Virtual Community Cooking Classes

Bomi Park, Assistant Project Manager for the St. Louis Mosaic Project shares her cooking skills

Bomi Park, Assistant Project Manager for the St. Louis Mosaic Project hosting virtual cooking class

In an effort to provide social and educational fun, The St Louis Mosaic Project is hosting virtual cooking classes. Bomi Park, Assistant Project for the St. Louis Mosaic Project is leading the effort.

“Since we are staying at home and cooking more, I wanted to share what I know with the Mosaic community and teach people how to cook some well-known Korean dishes they could try at home,” said Bomi. “​It’s really fun to have people all over the world taking notes and asking questions about Korean food!”

The first virtual cooking class took place in May, it consisted of Bomi preparing bibimbob, which included beef, veggies, rice, fried eggs and Korean sauce, go-chu-jang. The class was held in July and Bomi shared how to prepare bulgogi, a Korean dish traditionally made with a soy sauce based marinade. The dish also consists of of your choice of protein, vegetables and spices.

Korean dish bibimbob prepared by Bomi Park

“​We want to help people feel more connected, and provide a sense of community while we stay at home,” said Park. “By seeing familiar faces (even on the screen) and being able to talk about the same topic that is uplifting and interesting, we hope to create a space where everyone can have a sense of normality during this uncertain time.”

The next class virtual cooking class will be held in August with the day and time to be determined.  Please subscribe to the St. Louis Mosaic Project newsletter here to for updates about the classes.

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