Lindbergh Schools Exemplifies Inclusive Education, Welcoming Immigrant Students in St. Louis, Missouri by becoming St. Louis Mosaic Project Ambassador School

ST. LOUIS (July 27th, 2023) — The St. Louis Mosaic Project welcomes Lindbergh Schools as its newest Ambassador School Program member. Lindbergh Schools will further strengthen Mosaic’s goal and commitment to fostering an internationally welcoming and inclusive culture and enhancing diversity and equity programs through this partnership.

Led by Dr. Sheriah Mason, the director of inclusion, equity, and diversity, Lindbergh Schools has been at the forefront of promoting cultural awareness and a sense of belonging within the schools. Among the initiatives they have implemented are school-based Cultural Nights, providing an excellent platform for schools' families to celebrate and learn about different cultures. Lindbergh High School students can also achieve the prestigious Missouri Seal of Biliteracy, encouraging language proficiency and embracing linguistic diversity. The schools also host an annual informational night specifically for families of multilingual learners, ensuring
that these families receive the necessary support and guidance. Lindbergh Schools showcases national flags, artwork, and informative displays throughout their educational institutions in a visual celebration of diversity.Read full press release here.