De Smet Jesuit becomes 76th St. Louis Mosaic Project Ambassador School

July 22, 2021

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Contact: Suzanne Sierra

Senior Program Manager

St. Louis Mosaic Project 



Contact: Mr. Davi Cabrera

Director of Global Education

De Smet Jesuit 

De Smet Jesuit becomes 76th St. Louis Mosaic Project Ambassador School

St. Louis, MO (July 22, ) - The St. Louis Mosaic Project is proud to announce De Smet Jesuit as their 76th member of the Mosaic Ambassador Schools.

De Smet Jesuit is a private, Catholic high school for boys in grades 9-12 in St. Louis.
De Smet specializes in the formation of well-rounded young men and strives to help students grow both academically and spiritually. Students at De Smet are actively engaged in their faith with a commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice. De Smet is a melting pot of students and staff from different backgrounds. In fact, students come from 65 different zip codes and several countries. Its staff also includes several foreign-born and bilingual instructors.
De Smet promotes second language acquisition, and its Seal of Biliteracy is currently being processed.

De Smet truly celebrates diversity and seeks to cater to the needs of international students and families. They host a cultural fest and also collaborate with regional fairs and bazaars with international themes. De Smet invites speakers who present on global education and citizenship as part of their exchange, immersion, and cultural travel programs. They also provide students with many cultural engagement activities. As part of De Smet’s Global Education Certificate program, students are offered a unique graduation pathway with classes which focus on Global Education curriculum, in this process students are provided with opportunities on how to be responsible global citizens and celebrate different cultures. The Global Education Center and certificate program are an ongoing initiative at De Smet. De Smet also strives to be globally welcoming through programs such as Amigos for Christ, participating on Model United Nations conference. It is part of the Global Jesuit Network (JSN) partnership, which directly involves Jesuit schools within the larger central and North America region and also throughout the world to recognize interconnectedness of their local, regional, and global communities. De Smet Jesuit HS faculty and students also collaborate with foreign-born individuals that attend Jesuit schools throughout the world on a resource and information platform called Educate Magis

The St. Louis Mosaic Project is excited to partner with De Smet Jesuit as it continues to invest in global citizenship education and make St. Louis more welcoming. As part of its partnership with the St. Louis Mosaic Project, De Smet has committed to host an international breakfast event at school and display murals and/or national flags to signal the welcoming of students and families of diverse cultures. They also plan to recognize their foreign-born faculty and students in school communications to celebrate their unique cultural contributions to the De Smet community, and plan to develop multilingual communications to cater to the needs of their international students and families. De Smet has also committed to partnering with the International Institute and other international groups in the community. The St. Louis Mosaic Project is excited to provide De Smet with resources so that they can continue to recognize, celebrate and embrace diversity within their school and in the broader international community of St. Louis.


About the St. Louis Mosaic Project:

The St. Louis Mosaic Project began in 2013 under the St. Louis Economic Development Partnership and the World Trade Center-St. Louis. Its goals are to make St. Louis the fastest growing US major metropolitan area for immigration by 2025 and to increase the foreign-born regional population by 25,000. Mosaic is a public/private partnership supported by a 32-member steering committee comprised of a diverse mix of regional business, civic, economic development, faith, agency and academic leaders. For more information, visit


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