NRGene Is Racing Against Time To Solve Hunger - EQ

“We need to feed 9 billion people by 2050 using less arable land, less water and fewer inputs,” NRGene Sales Manager David Neuman says.


NRGene – the leading genomic big data company is making strides to meet this need. "NRGene possesses unique capabilities to analyze big genomic data to uncover genetic variation and help accelerate breeding decisions for animal and plant agriculture companies, NGOs and academics."


Now, the company has opened a subsidiary in St. Louis in order to be in "the heart of U.S. agriculture.” Those who moved from other countries in order to work in the new  facility have found cultural connections and feel well-settled in St. Louis thanks to the support of The Mosaic Project. 


Learn more about the NRGene and their move to St. Louis here