STL Public Radio: Immigration Attorney Jim Hacking on How Guidelines Surrounding International Students In Age Of Coronavirus Could Affect Colleges

Earlier this week, the Trump administration said that it planned to enforce a rule that international students must take in-person classes to be in the country on student visas. That's even though COVID-19 has many universities adjusting plans for the fall semester. Some are going online-only. Others plan to only partially reopen their campuses. And up to 1 million students could be affected. Joining host Sarah Fenske to talk about what this decision means for students enrolled in local colleges, and for those colleges, is Jim Hacking. He is an attorney who specializes in immigration law. Also joining the conversation was Mark Kamimura-Jiménez. He is the Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Dean of the Center for Diversity and Inclusion at Washington University in St. Louis. The segment includes comments from Victor Butinier, an international PhD student at Washington University that would have to go back to France if classes go entirely online.

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