Kairos Academies becomes 75th St. Louis Mosaic Project Ambassador School

June 28, 2021

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Contact: Suzanne Sierra                                                                                Contact: Mr. Nilesh Patel 

Senior Program Manager                                                                              School Leader

St. Louis Mosaic Project                                                                                 Kairos Academies St. Louis

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Kairos Academies becomes 75th St. Louis Mosaic Project Ambassador School

St. Louis, MO – June 28, 2021, - The St. Louis Mosaic Project is proud to announce Kairos Academies as their 75th member of the Mosaic Ambassador Schools.

Kairos Academies is an independent charter school in St. Louis that provides students with a personalized learning experience, giving them the opportunity to direct their own lives and learning. This innovative middle school does not offer an average, cookie-cutter education, rather it creates a personalized learning plan to adapt to the unique needs of each student. One of Kairos’ main initiatives is teaching its students to work across lines of difference. In fact, they were named by the Diverse Charter Schools Coalition as one of the only diverse-by-design schools in the St. Louis area.

The St. Louis Mosaic Project is thrilled to partner with Kairos as it continues to intentionally integrate culturally diverse students from all over St. Louis. Part of Kairos Academies’ mission is to foster a diverse faculty and student body. Students are admitted via a lottery system as a way to promote a diverse learning community inclusive of students from foreign-born families. Students at Kairos learn to work with people from different cultural backgrounds by leading study groups, extracurricular activities, and Hogwarts-style houses.

Kairos truly celebrates diversity and seeks to cater to the needs of international families. The staff at Kairos includes both foreign-born instructors and teachers with 2nd language skills. who are regularly featured in their school newsletter. Kairos also offers multilingual communications and website designations for alternate languages and regularly partners with community international groups such as the International Institute. The St. Louis Mosaic Project is excited to provide Kairos with resources so that they can continue to embrace diversity within the international community of St. Louis.

About the St. Louis Mosaic Project:

The St. Louis Mosaic Project began in 2013 under the St. Louis Economic Development Partnership and the World Trade Center-St. Louis. Its goals are to make St. Louis the fastest growing US major metropolitan area for immigration by 2025 and to increase the foreign-born regional population by 25,000. Mosaic is a public/private partnership supported by a 32-member steering committee comprised of a diverse mix of regional business, civic, economic development, faith, agency and academic leaders. For more information, visit www.stlmosaicproject.com.

For more information about Kairos Academies please visit https://www.kairosacademies.org.


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