VoyageSTL shares Savitri Grover's immigration story

Daily Inspiration: Meet Savitri Grover

Today we’d like to introduce you to Savitri Grover.

Hi Savitri, we’d love for you to start by introducing yourself.
I am a first-generation immigrant, wife, and mom of two. I came here a decade ago and spent a better part of my life in India before moving to the US. I am an artist by heart and have been painting on and off as a hobby. In 2019 when I was discussing my academic work focused on social issues, the idea of eWokecreations came to life. I was hoping to raise awareness on specific social issues beyond my academic profile while making sure it’s in a form where people feel comfortable discussing them. I grew up in a culture where many social issues, such as mental health, disabilities, etc., are still not openly discussed. In my experience, people often feel uncomfortable due to their lack of knowledge around the issues or, in some instances, not knowing the right way to approach the topic. With that in mind and to provide a platform for open dialogue around many of these social issues, I launched eWokecreations (evoke + woke) art which evokes curiosity and leaves one feel woke.

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