White House reports on immigrant welcoming, St. Louis Mosaic Project under Economic Impact

Immigrants and refugees have always been a source of our Nation’s strength. We are rightfully proud of our great diversity; it is among our country’s greatest assets.

And we are rightfully proud that we are a nation of immigrants—it’s at the very core of our American values. We are unique on earth for being a place that is united by a set of ideas, especially the notion that, no matter who you are or where you’re from, in this place we are equals under the law. We are Americans. President Obama established the White House Task Force on New Americans to build on these essential values:

“We set up a Task Force on New Americans to help immigrants and refugees better integrate into our American communities. And what’s been exciting is how many local communities are taking it upon themselves to welcome our newest Americans into the fold and introduce them to the both the rights and responsibilities, as well as benefits of citizenship.”

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