Metro St. Louis Export Plan launched: Mosaic, Immigration Policy and International Students highlighted

The St. Louis region, made up of Missouri and Illinois counties, is one of the nation’s 20 largest metros with a rich history steeped in trade, immigration, and innovation. Early 1850, nearly half of all St. Louisans were born in either Ireland or Germany, which later led to the development of a thriving brewing industry and innovations such as refrigerated railroad cars and pasteurized bottled beer. Other influential groups that have contributed to the region's development include Italians, African-Americans, Latin Americans, Asians, and Bosnians. Looking ahead, regional economic planners are taking action to ensure St. Louis continues its history of trade development, immigration attraction, and innovation advancement. Some of these metro initiatives include:

• Accelerate St. Louis – a virtual support organization that gathers all of the region’s entrepreneurship interests into a single online presence. The region is home to many startup support organizations such as Cortex, T-REX, the Helix Center, STLVentureWorks, and the Cambridge Innovation Center, to name a few;

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