Mosaic Women's Program participant finds lost ring from snowstorm


'Is this the ring we're looking for?'; Couple who lost wedding ring in Canadian snow, returns to find it months later


ST. LOUIS ( -- Emily Yang and Drew Huskey took a trip to Canada in October of last year; while they were traveling when they got stuck in a snowstorm.

“Two and a half hours, sitting in the same spot, not moving,” Yang said.

Eventually, they pulled over for a bathroom break. At the time, there was more than two feet of snow.

“She gets up and walks to the back of the SUV that we have and starts to dust the snow off,” Huskey said. “And that’s when her ring flew off into the snow behind her.”

The couple dug through the snow in 10 degree weather but they soon gave up.

“She had no idea but right from that moment I was like ‘I will be back’,” Huskey said.

Husley, with the help of friends, immediately started researching metal detectors. In the meantime, Yang got a replacement ring.

Huskey finally told his wife he was going on a work trip in June and set out to find the precious ring.

After about two hours of searching, his friend’s son found the ring on the ground.

“He goes across the street, looks down, sees something shiny, picks it up and says ‘hey is this the ring we’re looking for?’,” Huskey said. “At that point, I turn around, I thought it was a joke and I lost it.”

“I bent down next to the couch open up the box, went down on one knee and she lost it,” Huskey said.

“It really means a lot, I know he really loves me,” Yang said.

A lot of people told Huskey he was crazy but Yang said he’s always been very optimistic.

“Why wouldn’t you take that chance? To me, I guess, it just made sense,” Huskey said. “I’m like ‘give it a shot.’”

Next up for the couple? A trip to China with a ring that fits properly on Yang’s left hand.


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