St. Louis, Missouri – an Americorps member honors former Iraqi translator for World Refugee Day 2018

Firas Kazlee came to St. Louis in February 2012. Kazlee decided to support and build for future generations, and learned English in order to work as a translator for the US Marines. After the war, he applied for and was granted a Special Immigrant Visa to move his family to the United States. Due to his service as an Iraqi translator, Firas was resettled by the International Institute in St. Louis (IISTL). From the moment Firas arrived in the St. Louis, he worked to make the most for him, his wife, and three children. He absorbed all the available support with energy and optimism.

Within a short period, Kazlee was able to be employed, furthering his English skills, and on a path to citizenship. He applied for a business loan with the Community Development Cooperation (IICDC) from the International Institute, and was able to get the ball rolling for his business. With his inspiring resilience and determination, we have no doubt that he will continue to realize the American dream for him and his family.

World Refugee Day is on June 20. 

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