Circus Flora Incorporates Multiple Languages Into Program to Promote Inclusiveness

Circus Flora, a circus production that blends the best elements of traditional European circus with modern theater techniques, will host its “One Summer on Second Street” performance from May 28 through June 28. One Summer on Second Street paints the stories of bustling neighbors from all corners of the globe and highlights how they live, work, and grow together against the backdrop of the Jazz Age, a time of heavy immigration to the United States.

In working with the St. Louis Mosaic Project to make St. Louis more welcoming to foreign-born individuals, Circus Flora will include the story summary in their program in multiple languages for the first time. Featured languages include English, Spanish, French, Chinese, German and Bosnian. Additionally, they will provide tickets to the International Institute of Saint Louis and share a poster of the world for guests to locate their own countries or origin.

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