St. Louis Mosaic Project And Vitendo For Africa Will Talk Economic Development For The Upcoming Welcoming America Webinar 

Register Today! Welcoming Economies 2022 Webinar Series

Register for our upcoming webinar Partnering with Local Economic Development Players. The webinar will take place June 14th, 2pm-3:30pm CT / 3-4:30pm ET 

In this webinar, we will discuss how economic development agencies, chambers of commerce, and other institutions that focus on regional economic development can be powerful partners to local economic welcoming initiatives. This interactive webinar will bring lessons from across the Network on how economic development agencies can be engaged in economic welcoming and what they can bring to the table to enhance local programs

Participants will:

  • See examples where partnering with local economic development agencies brought about significant assets and resources to economic welcoming work
  • Learn how they can approach local economic development agencies within their own community to partner on economic welcoming initiatives.
  • Learn from Welcoming peer programs about the questions they have, and the opportunities and challenges they're facing, in connecting with local economic development agencies

Any Welcoming America network member may join! REGISTER HERE

The Welcoming Economies Program is an opportunity for members and their partners to access support from Welcoming America and Global Detroit to advance economic inclusion for immigrants and contribute to local economic development. Many cities, counties, and regions have comprehensive economic development strategies in place. These strategies vary in scope and support the varied initiatives that empower immigrants to achieve their best economic potential. 

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