Susanne Evens Shares Story On Helping To Strengthen The St. Louis Immigrant Community

Founder and CEO of AAA Translation shares her story of success and helping the immigrant community in St. Louis

Susanne Evens is the founder of AAA Translation a company located in St. Louis dedicated to providing professional translation, interpretation, marketing, and global consulting services to help businesses and organizations grow through successful expansion into international markets.

Susanne’s passion for languages and culture started at a very young age through extensive travel with her parents. “In Germany, where I was born, we get 30 days paid vacation per year, plus we have to learn English in school. I studied French, Spanish, Italian and Russian,” said Susanne. “I moved to the U.S. in 1992 and started working for Deutsche Financial Services (Deutsche Bank) and started German Language Communications on the side which evolved into AAA Translation in 2005. We now offer more than 250 languages and access to our vast global business network.”

Susanne is also helping the immigrant community during COVID-19. Evens noticed that access to language translation was lacking with some local organizations. She started donating important COVID-19 messaging in multiple languages to STL JuntosMetro West Fire Protection District and St. Charles County Government.


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