Mosaic Supporter Susanne Evens highlighted in St. Louis Business Journal

Willkommen: Any way you translate it, Susanne Evens is an ambassador for St. Louis

Thirty-four years ago, Susanne Saur Evens, 55, who was born and raised in Allen, Germany, changed the course of her life. She sold everything she owned, took all her savings, quit her job at Hewlett-Packard and boarded a plane for the U.S. to spend a year traveling around the country.

Three weeks before leaving home, she met a soldier who was from St. Louis and reconnected with him here. Six months later, the two married. Because he was in the military, the couple moved all over the states, but in 1987 they went back to Germany. When her husband retired in 1992, they returned to St. Louis, although they later divorced. In 1994, Susanne lived the American dream and launched a global translation, interpretation and consulting business, AAA Translation Inc. Today the company has revenue of about $1 million.

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