Enliven Marries Tech and UX With Gorgeous Client Solutions - EQ

Founded in 2012, Washington Avenue-based Enliven is a project-based tech startup that tackles client challenges with creative software marrying a polished UX with creative, behind-the-scenes tech solutions.

“Our business philosophy is centered around people, not just technology,” says co-founder and CEO Cuong Dang. “Our job is to thoroughly understand our client’s business goals so we’re able to build the perfect software application to improve efficiency, productivity, and ultimately improve their bottom line.”

One of the tricky things about mastering software design is that the better it works—and the more enjoyable it is to work it—the less noticeable it should be for the user. “While technical execution is very important—and we’re very good at it—to meaningfully solve business problems with software, we relentlessly focus on a great user experience,” adds Dang. “We do it this way so people will enjoy their work more and the software can simply fade in the background.”

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