St. Cecelia announces actions to be part of the Mosaic Project

The St. Louis Mosaic Project Ambassador School program encourages member schools to reinforce an internationally welcoming and inclusive culture through pledges unique to each school.

Actions Items:

  • Cecilia School and Academy has a large Hispanic student population.
  • Majority of parents are immigrants to the United States.
  • 75% of student population is the first generation of American citizens.
  • As a faith based community, their vision is to provide welcoming atmosphere for children to develop intellectually, spiritually, emotionally, socially and physically.
  • Cecilia School and Academy practices diversity in hiring.
  • Cecilia’s staff including the Principal is bi-lingual.
  • Cecilia’s documents, flyers and communication to the community is prepared in both Spanish and English.
  • Cecilia participates in many cultural celebrations and has become known for its “Mexican Fish Fry” in an effort to connect students to diverse cultures.

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