Blue Orb plans to join St. Louis Mosaic

BlueOrb’s mission is to use nanotechnology and genetics to help farmers create more abundant, safer and healthier crops. “We are into research and development for greener and safer production for better living, especially farming and plant science for food and healthcare,” explains company founder and CEO Umeshkumar Vekharia. Ultimately, he says, “It can give us a better lifestyle by having healthier farm produce.”

Vekharia adds that the incubator’s programs for grants, learning, and professional support will be something that BlueOrb explores in the future.” He is also looking forward to joining the St. Louis Mosaic Project—something the startup hasn’t quite gotten around to yet, but he knows it will be a valuable resource that the company can draw on as it establishes itself in St. Louis and the US—especially as BlueOrb gets to the part of its growth stage where it begins to create jobs in the St. Louis market.
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