Vin Ko and Cuong Dang talk entrepreneurship on podcast

Entrepreneurially Thinking podcast 

Ft. Vin Ko, St. Louis Mosaic Project and Entrepreneur Coung Dang, Enliven.

On this episode, Christy and Cheryl welcome Vin Ko, a friend and colleague from Mosaic and Cuong Dang, an energetic and ambitious entrepreneur who hails from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and is a graduate of Maryville University.

Spend some time getting to know Vin and Cuong – spoiler: they are smart and FUNNY – and find out how each is helping make St. Louis a wonderful place to do business and build a fulfilling life.

In this episode:
– Finding unique business opportunities
– Doing business overseas
– Beyond the contracts: Trust and its vital role i
– Work-Life Balance
– Goal Oriented vs. Time/Task Oriented business strategy
– Risk tolerance and Fear
– The need for a collaborative team and/or co-founder with complimentary skills and shared values
– You don’t have to and can’t know it all, nor do this by yourself
– The problem with multiple priorities

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