St. Louis Asian American community hold vigil for 8 victims in Georgia shooting

ST. LOUIS – The St. Louis Asian American community held a vigil Saturday for the 8 victims of the Georgia shooting. Community leaders are urging victims to speak up and use their voices.

The hashtag “stop Asian hate” has been trending on Twitter and Instagram since Asian hate crimes have been increasing throughout the country.

Hundreds of people joined the St. Louis Asian community at the Chinese Education and Culture Center to remember the victims from Tuesday and speak up against violence and discrimination.

Community leaders including Yimin Shu, Senator Jill Schupp, and St. Louis County Executive Sam Page also held a vigil to unite in mourning and solidarity for the Atlanta victims and denounce Asain hate crimes in our own community.

The message today: only one race matters. The human race. And we should protect each other at all costs.

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