The International Institute – Advocating Diversity In St Louis | Red Latina STL

Anna Crossling has been working for the International Institute of St. Louis since 1978, helping millions of refugees and immigrants to assimilate their lives in St Louis and The United States. Anna is also involved with various organization as the St Louis Mosaic Project, the Missouri Commission of Human Rights and the St Louis Regional Commerce, among many other organizations that aim to welcome and help immigrants. During her work at the Institute, Crossling has helped refugees of war from Vietnam, as well as, thousands of Bosnians that moved to St Louis after the rupture of Yugoslavia.

With her extensive and proactive work towards immigration and refugees, Crossling supports the efforts of many that are trying to open the doors to those in need to start a new life away from war and the hardships of other countries. Her work at the International Institute has helped thousands to find the resources and tools to adapt and live their American dream in St Louis; from teaching the new comers to speak the language to creating different programs that help the immigrant make St Louis their home.

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