St Louis, A Mosaic of Cultural Diversity | Red Latina STL

When I first met with Betsy Cohen, Executive Director for the Mosaic Project, it was back in 2013. At the time, the organization was new and the initiative was still an ambitious plan to help St Louis grow and prosper. Since then Betsy has participated in multiple events where she has been able to deliver a message of innovation through inclusion.

Before the Mosaic project, Betsy worked at Nestle Purina in St Louis for several years where she achieved the role of Vice-president. During her work at Nestle, she also launched and led a St Louis regional coalition. In 2013, Betsy was called to assume the role as the Director of the Mosaic Project, an initiative that aimed to make St Louis the fastest growing Metropolitan region. Betsy, with the Mosaic Project has been able to reach millions, not only at a regional level, but also national, attracting newcomers from all over the country and world, to invest in the St Louis region. Being from Colombia, myself, the initiative was exciting and encouraging. An idea that has been contradicted by many who believe foreign talent brings a negative impact to our community and economy. Through facts, new programs and information, The Mosaic Project has been able to, not only reach their goals, but also open many minds, changing perspectives and making St Louis a more welcoming and inclusive region.

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